Summer concert series brings local community together

Summer Concert Series Brings Local Community Together from Jen Mauck on Vimeo.

On the evening of July 25, representatives of the Snohomish Artist Guild, who are dedicated to creating awareness of the performing arts to local communities, kicked off the second week of the new Summer Concert Series by introducing the Black Vinyl All-Stars to entertain the Monroe Community at Lake Tye Park.

Hundreds of people of all ages—families, friends and couples—gathered on the grassy field with their camping chairs, blankets and even their dogs to groove to the psychedelic sounds of the classic rock cover band, who played songs from the legendary music of Led Zepplin, the Who and Pink Floyd.

According to the local newspaper, The Monroe Monitor, Director of Events, Cliff Verhoeff, thought Monroe’s demographic, venue and population would suit the concert series perfectly. Verhoeff determined this would be a great opportunity for the people of Monroe to get out of their homes, enjoy some musical entertainment and come together as a community, which was exemplified that night by the positive, friendly vibe of the evening.

For more details, watch this video, which will elaborate on specific information about the July 25 concert series event featuring the Black Vinyl All-Stars. The Summer Concert Series continues through August 8, from 7 – 11:30pm. More information about future concerts, bands and sponsors, is located on the Snohomish Artist Guild Website and on their Facebook page.